29 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch156”

  1. I dont know why you guys are so slow within the releases, there’s 40 volumes and still going in japan, meanwhile you take months pause between the volumes, for some reason, its a shame I dont have a translator with me, i’d clean those volumes in a month.

    Eitherway, nice job keeping up, but you can do better.

    1. I’d apply if I had time to spare, I work with other 5 big scan groups, I cant due my schedule being full, maybe in the future, I didnt mean to bash or anything, its just that this manga could get a lot more fans if you’d release more often, since the anime is still going without a final episode announced, just think about it..

    2. Daily release is not “often” enough!? How often are your “5 big scan groups” releasing? 3 times a day…

  2. 1 volume in a single week. 19 volumes to go. Year has 52 weeks. Do the math, folks ;)

    1. Alright I’ll do the math.
      Released raw volumes = 40
      Future scheduled = 3 (May, Aug, Oct)
      Total volumes to catch up = 40+3-18 = 25
      Assuming 1 volume to 1 week,
      Catch up time = 25 weeks @ 6 months 1 week.
      Have fun.

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