34 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch153”

  1. thank you sooooooo much!!!!! these rapid chapter updates have been the highlights of my week!!!!

  2. So many chapters in one week, I’m feeling so spoiled >_<

    Thank you guys. Keep your awesome work!

  3. does sawamura actually pitch in this match? im assuming he does, probably means one of furuya or tanba fails

  4. thanks for the daily uploads!
    also on p16 I think what Shirakawa was thinking was that
    Furuya is just using brute strength to hold Shirakawa down, not that Shirakawa can count on his own strength?

    1. i thought it meant that Shirakawa was trying to convince himself that he can hit it, hence “I can count on my strength”.. cant be too sure tho

    2. No, The raws state that Shirakawa thinks he can hit Furuya’s pitches with his strength.

    3. haha i’m reading the korean raws but i guess i interpreted it wrong/ it was translated wrong from the original japanese, though it’s most likely the former oops

  5. Thank you !
    Its getting better and better! Seidou vs Inashiro is so intense, its been a while since I’ve been so excited from a manga

    1. no doubt! some people hate the pacing of this manga, thinking sawamura doesn’t get as much screen time, but i think it does wonders for character dev

    2. @Sided Sawamura characters appears when it’s best. That’s why his character growth is always so good.

      @Lycaons Not the same xD

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