28 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch151”

  1. thanks Kallamez! im excited, hopefully we dont have like a month break between right before the climax lmfao

  2. Awesome! Thank you for the chapter releases guys, really made my week. Thank you for the hard work!

    1. I agree with you. I die a little inside every time I typeset that. But they were commander’s orders, so I can’t do nothing about it :X.

  3. thanks for the speedy releases! :D Dont burn yourself out (or brush off other stuff to do this) you can always just do a few a week when its convenient :). Thanks again!

    1. 3 volumes? That’s nothing compared to Slam Dunk. Final game lasts half of the volumes.

    2. Everyone knows the main character’s team of every sport manga will dominate the national championship in the end.

  4. Thanks a lot!! This many releases in a row, you guys really are motivated!! Thank you so much!

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