17 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch148”

  1. First baby steps and now DnA this day just keeps getting better and better!!

    Love it thanks

  2. OMG!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :))) IT’S FINALLY OUTTTTTTT! YAY! WOOHOO! *dancing the happy dance around my room*

  3. Thank me -_- . There was not one of those lazy asses willing to clean and typeset this. So as a proper DnA fan, it was up to me to fill the void.

    1. sadly I believe you, since we usually get releases months apart for DnA, THANKS! thanks joeshen too! it seems really hard to find cleaners for this manga for some reason..

    2. Joeshen: Wasn’t even going to bother. You’re still too fresh from Titanfall to care too much about it.

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