6 thoughts on “Robotics;Notes – Revival Legacy Ch02”

  1. Uhm just curious if Baby Steps will be continued. I no longer have access to photoshop or id offer to help clean :(

  2. Only real consistency thing I noticed this time was the Guntsuku translation. Funimation uses GunBuild-1 as the abbreviation, but we used GunPro-1 short for Gunvarrel Production Project Prototype-1 (since the jp is GUNvarrel wo Tsukurou PROject). I’d say take your pick in this case, since leaving it as Gun-tsuku doesn’t convey the meaning, but otherwise it’s up to you.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Ah, “Gunvarrel Ankh Counter” and “Duhuhu” from chapter 1. I forgot to mention those. The move in the anime/VN is Gunvarrel Ankh Striker, so they’ve swapped Striker for Counter. I checked my tank copy and it’s definitely that. And Frau’s laugh is typically romanized as Duhuhu.

      And one more thing for chapter 2. The teacher’s nickname is Mitchie.

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