New Series! – Robotics;Notes – Revival Legacy Ch01

Robotics;Notes - Revival Legacy Ch001

Here’s another series we’ve been working to bring you for a while. Chaba has been so patient with me on this one… it took embarrassingly long to get it out hahaha. Thanks to Tetsu-nii for the cleans and redraws. Talk about throwing cubs down the ravine, heh. Anyway, I did enjoy this first chapter (and prologue, included). Never watched the anime, so don’t really know how this differs from the original series, but I hope you all like it, too.

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  1. The basic story is the same, but it’s pretty different in terms of order of events and how things actually happened. It’s dramaticized to tell Frau’s story.

    Figured since you’ve never seen the anime or read the VN, I’d pop in and give you some advice. I actually have vols 1-3 of this myself, so I was wondering when someone would get around to scanlating this. Steiner wanted to, but he’s busy with other projects already.

    Few notes:
    It’s the “Robotics Club.” Pokecom is the proper spelling. “Tera-gross.”

    Did they really change the competition name in the manga to Robo-Ban instead of Robo-One? Weird. It’s a real competition but they left it in the anime already.

    Other than that, looked good. If you ever need or want some advice on SciADV/R;N information, feel free to ask. I can also forward it to Steiner if I can’t answer.

    1. Thanks, Quattro! I’ll keep an eye out for those in the future, and I’m sure Chaba will be happy to know extra help is available if needed. Do let us know if you notice anything else.

      The competition is written as ROBO-BAN, in latin characters. The other stuff, well, “ro-bo-bu” “po-ke-ko-n” “te-ra” I can see how they could go either way, but knowing the convention, it should be trivial to make the changes in future chapters.

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