Baby Steps Ch202

So it was meant to be released earlier this week, but had some funerals to attend to and all that crap, so it was postponed until now! Anyhow, GO CANADA GO to the Olympics Commercials Spree (yeah, yeah it’s supposed to be Olympics Games, but there are so many damn commercials, that you get to see 30 sec of sports and 25 minutes of commercials)

Anyway, enjoy this new chapter!

20 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch202”

  1. Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did Okada wake up? I want Maruo to go to the next step and see his parents while they look at him playing!!!!!!
    Just stop it Okada and let him go on!

    1. relax, Maruo will evolve again and wreck him. It’s too late, even if he’s close to the zone, Maruo will likely reach it himself and totally dominate him.

  2. thanks for baby steps, 1 of my fav manga’s of all time, cant wait for more :p i know im being greedy but still its baby steps so its ok right haha thanks again guys :)

  3. Nice, this might not be so one sided afterall. Still, if he’s close to ‘the zone’ how soon until Maruo gets close himself? He does extremely well under pressure.

  4. I came on here to say only one thing, even though the team isn’t that strong this year…

    ” ‘MURICA.”

  5. Thank you for the chapter.

    re: Olympic commercials, ended up watching football instead. Mind you, they are running out of space on the kits to put advertising!

    Still, congrats especially for the Dufour-Lapointe sisters sharing the podium.

  6. Thanks you for the chapter! Made a while I wait for this!

    And your right, the Slopestyle this morning was pretty anoying to watch because of the commercials

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