15 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch147”

  1. Hiii. I was trying to DL the cleaning and typesetting tests from your forum but the megaupload links aren’t linking to anything (or maybe megaupload is timing out).

    1. We never quite got to replacing those, hahah. I’ve re-enabled the application form. Apply on there and we’ll hook you up with a test.

  2. Ack! Forgot that I typeset this chapter! O_O

    If you spot an issue with the typesetting (or proofing, as usual), that would be my fault and might have slipped past Georgi during his QA!

    If you’re going to light me up about anything, I’ll ask that you remember that it’s the first time I’ve ever typeset. Not just for DnA or iMS, ever.

    … on second thought, feel free to flame away. I’ll dig out the constructive bits and ignore any of the trolls. ;)

    Anyway… enjoy the flashback arc! XD

    1. Thanks, “whatever”! Personally, I give most of the credit to Georgi for correcting my (many) mistakes and pointing out those things I need to work on! So if any errors did get past him, it’s probably ’cause he had to spend time fixing my foul-ups rather than QA’ing as he’d like.

      Hope you keep with us! Lots more fun stuff from Eijun-kun and the rest of the team coming in the next volume! XD

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