25 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch201”

  1. Yay! A new chapter of Baby Steps!! Thank you so much Imangascans, and have a great year ahead!! :D

    1. Yeah, it was talked about a couple months ago. I imagine that, if nobody else, HorribleSubs will pick it up since they’re subbing just about everything.

      Though regardless everybody should be rejoicing on this one. hahaha (b^^)b

    2. HorribleSubs just rip off CR. So if it’s licensed by CR, yeah, HorribleSubs will have it.

  2. I feel so refreshed after the 4-koma omake w/ Nacchan. That’s the only issue I have with the game arcs: not much Nacchan. But whaddaya gonna’ do…? ;)

    1. No kidding; I went through 20 fonts to find one I liked for the flavor text because it’s Nacchan. lolol

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