28 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch144”

    1. Translate, Proofread, Clean, Typeset, QC. I would say some love for the team. Are you guys going all the way to chapter 330?

    1. I did little enough. Lestat’s the one that really deserves the thanks. He’s the one w/ the whip hand that keeps the rest in line and working. ;)

      But you’re very, very welcome and thank you for the acknowledgement!

    2. well, KUDOS still… since i just noticed that you do lots of reply. Makes us fans feel valued..:)

      Send our great regards to Lestat-sama!


  1. Thank you for DnA c144!! Can’t wait for c145, it’ll definitely be an awesome chapter!! I can almost see it!!

    1. You’re right, it’s awesome. It’s got everything I love most about this manga: Eijun being his high-spirited, goofy best; plenty of laughs (including parts that made me laugh out loud, even to the point of tears); and plenty of baseball (if only practice/training) action.

      Look forward to it! ;)

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