My Doll House Ch019

WARNING: This is MATURE content

So… georgi’s all “How’d’ja like ta’ QC a chapter?” “It’ll be easy,” he sez… “It’ll be fun,” he sez… And of course it’s the GenderBender he puts me on… @[email protected]

So… it’s my first QC. And my first post. But feel free to be honest w/ the feedback on either or both. I’m a Big Boy and can take the criticism. ;D

And after all that blather, here’s the final chapter of the volume! Enjoy!!! XD

13 thoughts on “My Doll House Ch019”

    1. Well, the translator and I have done our bit and we’re actually pretty far ahead at the moment. And to be honest, I don’t mind having the time to go over the scripts again… ;)

      There’s plenty more good stuff in the coming chapters and I hope you’ll feel it was worth the wait.

      Thanks for the love, we can’t get enough of that. ;D

  1. so not trying to be a douche, but when you guys will release the next baby Steps and Daya no Ace chapter? Will be a pack?

    Pardon the english.

    1. He is not being a douche, or acting like one.

      He asked a simple question about when they are going to start regular releasing chapters from Baby Steps (by far their most read and popular series) and Diaya no Ace, which I am sure has risen in readership since the anime began.

      They are neglecting their most popular series for others with far less readers, and no updates at all on the status of these manga.

      We wouldn’t even know at all if someone doesn’t ask the question because of their lack of keeping readers updated.

      I deeply respect the work of scanlation groups, but when they leave your readers completely out of the loop, don’t release any chapters for nearly a month and don’t answer even a simple question, then it is very hard to.

      Hopefully they will start to release regulary again, and if their is some reasonable explanation, explain it to us.

    2. Hi Dean,

      Happy New Year!

      Hi Jack! We don’t neglect series for the sake of others. Nobody on that credit page is involved with DnA or Baby Steps (well, Tets-nii is, but he only did QC and DnA isn’t held up because of him anyway). I can’t speak for others, but in my case, I work and release chapters based on what I feel like doing, not based on popularity or what people tell me. Why? Because I do this for my own enjoyment, not for you, sorry to burst your bubble.

      I would like to also direct you to our FAQ page: I believe our release schedule is covered in there, but basically, there is no point asking when the next release will be. I don’t feel the need to give a reasonable explanation, but if you really want to know, it’s the holidays, and we’re all volunteers. We release as fast as we can, period. If you’re not happy with that, go somewhere else.

    3. to georgi

      your reply is highly appreciated, you are at the same way frank and a bit harsh. Just keep in mind that people appreciate your work, no offense meant by the commentators. Good day!

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