Baby Steps Ch198

Well hello everyone! It’s been a while since I last released something, so here’s a Baby Steps chapter! Truth be told, I sold my soul to WoW (again), in preparation for the next expansion somewhere next year, just to see how it goes and all, but if it’s like all the other times, I’ll probably stop in a week lol. Anyway, Maruo is in a pickle and hopefully he can get out of it!

Enjoy this new chapter!

22 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch198”

  1. So, with the loss of UK from your list of mangas, I have to wonder… So, when’re you going to drop this one too? Right before Maruo beats Nabae? Or will you have it at the last match of the Junior all japan?

    1. Regardless of what leeches may say, the vast majority of us appreciate the time and effort put forth by your staff. While the loss of a couple popular mangas over the past year hurt (GE / UK) At least GE was later finished by someone else. I can understand the frustration in UK though, because Crunchy roll is membership, and significantly behind. I pray however, the opening of the anime will not lead to a closure of manga on public networks.

    2. However, there IS a website right now where you can watch the anime for FREE. Best of all it is exactly one chapter ahead of where you guys left off before dropping it. They seem to update on Sundays, if you’re interested in the URL I can provide it. I know I’m not the only fan here. :D

  2. haha thanks guys, ive seen the raws myself so i kind of know what happens(tho i cant read jap, i just cudnt wait haha) thanks for the new chap cant wait to read more :)

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