ST&RS Ch039 (END)

ST&RS Ch039

Well, that’s the end of that series. I’m glad we could finish it so quickly. I don’t really like shounen so this wasn’t a personal favourite of mine. What are your thoughts about the ending? Did you want more? Did you want less? Please comment and let your opinion be known. It will make cmertb happy, too!

edit: v2 released! Please refer to the release post for the most up-to-date version.

19 thoughts on “ST&RS Ch039 (END)”

  1. This was a light read that seemed to suffer from needing to be wrapped up in a handful of chapters at the end. Still it would have sucked not to have been finished and it looks like NilaiTP is going to complete it in Indonesian rather than English. The middle part of the story was much better done than some other training for space mangas I can think of (Other than Uchuu Kyodai of course!). Thank you for finishing it.

    1. We were looking into hockey mangas w/ Lestat a while back… Including the one you posted. I think the conclusion was that none of them were good, including that one… art wasn’t as nice as the cover suggests, and story was boring… I haven’t looked at it yet though.

    2. There always has been a shortage of good hockey stories in any media. “Les Boys” or “Slapshot” were at least funny despite their flaws and far better than anything else. As far as written or drawn hockey fiction, nothing good comes to mind.
      Oh well.

  2. Thanks for finishing this series.
    For a series that would lover your finishing touches, have you considered Mr. Fredward’s Duck (
    I made the mistake of reading what is available starting late in the evening. Bad mistake. Finished reading what was available at something like 3am. It only has the last volume left minus one chapter which is where Fathskie Scans left off over a year ago.

  3. Thanks it was a fantastic series and so glad it was picked up and fished by a really good group. I wish it had been longer as space is such an unexplored frontier in manga media these days with little offering so to have something non battle oriented and fueled by the sake of discovery in the maganzine was a relief. thanks.

  4. I basically agree wth FanBoil, it started off nice and turned into a big mess. Thanks for finishing it though, it was bugging me having it on my reading list.

    1. actually both Kajii and I really like that one, and we’ve talked about picking it up, but I don’t think it’s going to happen

  5. Thanks!
    Well, I didn’t really want more. It was really interesting in the beginning and had some mystery to it, but once they got their powers and met peropunyan, there no longer was any challenge or mystery. It then quickly progressed into a long, drawn-out, feel-good conclusion.
    It was a fun read nonetheless.

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