13 thoughts on “Uchuu Kyoudai Ch157”

  1. I hope you guys don’t drop this, crunchyroll is not an option for me and I’m very satisfied with your translation.

    Keep up with the good work!

  2. I always read your comments Georgi. Thanks for the release. (I have had no computer or internet access for almost a week so I have lots of catching up to do).

  3. CR has (a bit later than scheduled) put up their Manga section, and the latest chapter of UK they are showing is 109. I would say that if they can’t even keep up with the anime, then there’s no reason to stop doing it here.

  4. thank you so much for bringing this to us. And well, I figured that the ‘grammatical errors’ were normal ‘kid-speak’, because small children often make unconventional grammatical shifts when speaking.

    Oh please, please don’t drop this if CR starts doing it. CR is difficult for me to access. And I love your translations.

  5. The panel where Kenji is working on the fixtures and thinking about ‘how I should be thinking’, was rather self aware, and I hoped he would reach the solution on his own.
    But his reaction to Mutta’s words was very interesting: taking a dip and just immersing himself in the natural elements. This was kind of beautiful.

    I hope they both overdo it. :)

    @Georgi: “(though I guess most ppl wont know since they wont read this) ”

    You know, what really amazes me is not that comparatively few people are reading this in Eng. (after all, it is not any average shounen fight manga) rather what is amazing is that there are so many people in Japan who do read it, and that it’s one of the top manga there. Kind of surprising. I would have thought that this manga is too intelligent to be a mass hit.

  6. I also read it, but I think I would’ve assumed so anyways, without being told. I mean, it is the kid talking, so I don’t think anyone should have any problems getting that…right?

  7. Are you guys going to keep doing this now that Crunchyroll is apparently doing the manga too?

    1. We’ll wait and see. I’m not too sure what CR plans to do. If they plan to release only newest chapters, then we can probably still continue this. If they’re going to do older chapters as well, the right thing to do would be to drop it.

    2. Fingers crossed.
      If that happens, I’ll miss your awesome translation.
      On the other hand, I will be happy to legally buy this manga in English. The author deserves success.

    3. well were I live, there is no crunchyroll… so I really hope that you won’t drop it at all….

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