Daiya no A Ch132


Many bad news all around. First of all, we are officially dropping Fantasista. We have no staff whatsoever to work on it and that has been the case for a while, so no point in keeping it dead here. If any team wants to pick it up, they have our blessing.

Second, Diamond no Ace has become quite a burden on us, because we asked many times for people to help us, but it never resulted in anything. Yes, we had a nice drive of many chapters in the last two days and to be honest, chapter 132 was supposed to be the last one before we dropped the series. However, I have been convinced to think otherwise and give you guys a chance to keep it alive by applying. We will drop this series by the end of volume 16 (current volume) if we do not have an experience cleaner joining us to work on this series. We are not joking with this. Also a typesetter would be more than welcome.

In any case, like I said, many bad news, but I still hope you enjoy this new chapter!

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  1. I have applied for a cleaner position but as I have said in my application, I have no experience though I do have an in idea on how it’s being done. If someone would be kind enough to teach me then I’ll do it. I love Diamond no Ace and more so now that the anime is being shown…

  2. My heart is broken! Fantasista gone, DnA going and something called Crunchyroll threatening my Uchuu Kyoudai. That’s what I get for losing access to the internet for a few days, everything goes to hell. Thanks for the hard work up to now.

  3. The only art I can contribute to this project would be a 3 minute jazz solo. Which is certainly not what you require but I think you do need expressive support for this project.

  4. Well I really hope you don’t drop this manga, I literally donated just for this. :( Anyway thank you for your hard work and time on the manga thus far, the quality has always been amazing!

    Perhaps with the anime more of the ‘right’ people will become interested. In the meantime I’ll try and learn more about this cleaning thing.

  5. Thank you for all your hard work.

    Really like Diamond no Ace, and hope it does continue (don’t have the experience or the background to do any of the positions but truly appreciate the quality of your work you guys put out each week).

    I’m really sad Fantasista is dropped too. That was one I was always looking forward to reading whenever it came out

    Thank you again, hope you find the necessary people to fill in the roles.

  6. It’s incredibly frustrating to hear this but I want to thank you guys for doing this manga for this long, especially with limited staff.

    I’m the farthest thing from an experienced cleaner, so I hope you guys pick someone up who is at least half as cool as you guys! Thanks for the good times, and here’s to more!

  7. I think im about in the same boat as everyone else. ive never really done anything like this but i would be willing to learn if you taught me how to do stuff.

  8. i could pickup but at the moment i have too many things to do =/ i’m bad cleaner (show me the raw and i can say if i can do anything), good redrawer and decent typesetter (in english and good in my own lenguage).

  9. And you’re asking for an EXPERIENCED cleaner, so I can’t even offer to try learning as I go along! :(

  10. URGH… I love Diamond No Ace… ummm… I would volunteer, but I don’t have the skills necessary…
    Umm… can you have an alternative? Could you put up a donation bar for DnA, and you release a chapter every time it reaches XXX dollars? … I’m not trying to insult anyone by implying that money can substitute something from the heart… but maybe it would ease the burden a bit if DnA staff had us fans treat them to a meal or round of drinks once in a while?
    … I dunno. Seriously, I hear that there’s a shortage of skilled scanlation staff all over the place, and some of the really good ones get snatched up by the corporations like Viz…
    Thanks for all the great times up to now guys, whatever you decide!

    1. That gets into politics because then they aren’t using the donations “purely” for server/raw obtaining purposes. So the short answer would be no.

  11. I might be willing to typeset one chapter a week for this series (depending on my homework schedule), though I haven’t typeset in like two years.

    1. If I tried really hard, maybe I could. It’s been two years since I took Japanese and I have like no vocab base anymore.

    2. @Pillow
      I know. I typesetted for around two years for other groups. I’m just saying that I could also attempt to translate if I was ever in the position to have to try, which did happen a few times when the translator missed a line or two so I would try to translate it while waiting for a response.

  12. Nooooooooo, please don’t, I only just picked up PS and still learning, so I have no experience as a cleaner.

    But many thanks so far for all the chapter released!

  13. This news is seriously frustrating… I don’t have the particular skill on anything to do with editing but I’m willing to as long as this manga won’t drop. Will you give me a chance if I’d say I’m interested in typesetting?

    Thank you for your hardwork!!!

  14. If I weren’t a complete n00b when it comes to cleaning and redrawing, I’d volunteer. I’ve got PhotoShop and some experience with it, but I think it would probably take me about five times as long to clean a page as someone with experience. OTOH, if that plus crazy English grammar skills (as in ridiculously meticulous, but fully scalable to suit the project) sounds at all appealing, give me a holla. I’ll give you a rundown on experience and background privately if you’re interested. ;)

    Regardless, thanks so much for the chapter and all the work you guys do! :D

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