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  1. If I were Mutta, I would remind Kenji that this is the same as the qualification testing in the isolation unit. Where NO ONE from Kenji’s group that passed is still with NASA. And Kenji, Mutta and Kitamura all failed to be chosen by their groups. Yet all of them are astronauts now.

  2. oooooh, way to go Mutta! not giving up and thinking outside the box is what you do best!

    thanks for these two chapters! (and for all the others, too!)

  3. I get the feeling that I’m in the minority, thinking that somehow both Kenji and Mutta are going to get the nod to advance… kinda’ like the way Mutta ended up advancing to AsCan training in spite of the stated restriction on numbers. OTOH, I can also see Mutta advancing and Kenji getting a slot as a reserve backup crew member… or vice versa (more likely w/ Mu-kun’s luck).

    In any event, thanks so much for the double! I’m really looking forward to seeing how things pan out!!! XD

    1. Of course they will both go, they are by far the best candidates. But we are all living and loving the tension, the twists and turns, ups and downs of the plot. Man I love this series!

  4. Thank you guys. I can ask something about Diamond no ace? How the things goes about this manga?

  5. Kenjis getting his a** kicked. I wish those two could work together :(

    Thanks for the chapter :)

  6. Yay Mutta.
    Honestly, I was expecting Kenji to be in a similar mode. What Andy said to Mutta in the gazebo was something Kenji was already practicing during Jaxa’s final test. I hope he strikes back with some brilliant idea soon and makes this more fun. Thanks team for the awesome pace.

    P.S: Hamilton rocks!!

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