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  1. The author likes to jack up the dramatic tension. Putting two friends who also work very well together in direct competition with each other is brilliant.

    It is also interesting that either Kenji and Mutta would be valuable as team builders over and above their other skills. This may be why the Director wants one of them on the mission, but feels that he does not need both.

    Note to “wall-builders” Sk. and Fanboil: good points. This series can be thought provoking. Stopping now before putting up my own “wall of text”. :-)

  2. Urk! Forgot to thank you guys for the chapter!!!

    I’m a bit surprised by how shocked Kenji is. Someone else mentioned that Mutta also taking a look means that Kenji will win. But if anything, the fact that Mutta has spare thoughts for Kenji means he’s a lot more composed than Kenji is about this situation. Moreover, this “training”/selection involves a lot of teamwork, and Mutta is already taking the feelings of his teammate in consideration instead of being focused solely on himself. But really, this is just a single moment after the revelation that this training is actually a selection with a direct ticket to the moon and that by getting the ticket for themselves, they’ll be preventing their best friend from going to the moon, for now. It’s a lot to take in, and we’ll see in the next chapters how well both recover from knowing this.

    I expect that they’ll talk about this eventually. Not immediately (they both seem too shocked, haven’t had any time to gather their thoughts and feelings concerning the situation, and they’re not really in the greatest of spots for a conversation…) I suppose, but perhaps at dinner/before bed, once the day is over? Although for the sake of entertainment, there will definitely be some difficulties.

    I’m expecting them to cooperate and do their best as to have no regrets. I don’t think they will let this situation of rivalry sour their friendship. (I’ll also note that Mutta already experiences such a situation with his brother. He’s felt the green eyed monster. Kenji is perhaps in new grounds here.)

    As for who will win? Honestly it’s too early to say. Before the announcement though, I would have given it to Kenji since Mutta is pretty relaxed and far more willing to rely on others and let them lead.

    I don’t think it matters really. It’s going to be entertaining. That’s the whole point of Mutta and Kenji learning about the selection. (Both of them just completing the training and one getting selected at the end without them ever knowing about the fact there was a selection? not great story wise. )

    Aaaand, I’ve written another wall of text…

  3. I say Kanji will get the spot, but after consideration gives it to Mutta, because he will give up the spot for his family.

    plus kanji’s a smart guy and can make it in any field if he chooses to drop out as an astronaut

  4. I’m guessing one or the other gets nominated with the other going on backup, with some fluke happening that would allow for both. Just a hunch though.

  5. Well that was a very awkward end of chapter, personally I think that Kenji will loose because of his thoughts about his family.

    Thanks a bunch.

  6. Thanks for the release.
    My guess for the future. Nitta will be picked from the other unit. There will be a split decision in our boys pod, with the final decision being based on something weird which will result in the final candidate being…I DON’T KNOW! I can think of multiple reasons why they both would defer to the other and even more reasons why they both would feel sad/guilty but take the nomination anyway. Too many options, too many guesses… ARGHHH I need to go bake brownies before my brain explodes.

  7. This is lovely. For the author, the easier way out would have been to a) Not tell about the conditional selection to either Kenji or Mutta b) To tell the condition to only one of them or c) Tell the condition to both separately so that both are thinking about sacrifice (Std. setup from O.Henry story ‘Gift of the Magi’) But no, he dives into the heart of the matter, making it as uncomfortable as it should be. Damn good.

    About the prediction: I guess Kenji will be the one selected. I am basing my guess on the last pages of this chapter, which show how these two people react to the news. Mutta looks at Kenji. Kenji looks at no one. For him, this is too personal a moment; he is thinking about what the possibility of not going to the moon would mean for him and his family. Mutta actually had spare feelings to consider the impact on his friend and rival. So.
    Selection of Kenji won’t mean that all roads will be closed for Mutta. Also, from chapter 151, Hamilton’s scar indicate that there is a possibility of an emergency in the sea-base. Probably a Barracuda attack. If that happens, somebody will be in danger (George Love, the current jerk?), and somebody will save that person (Mutta? Mutta+ Kenji?). That might make scores and conditions meaningless.
    All said, this is the author who is constantly ahead of the curve. He is the guy who finished the Jaxa selection with Rock, Paper & Scissors (and did so in a very credible and meaningful way). So, fun predictions aside, eagerly looking forward to how he goes about this one.

  8. ohhh, thank you! I don’t know where this’ll go next – the story always ends up places I never expected. But these two are good friends and I hope they can remain friends even though one goes and one stays.

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