Baby Steps Ch192

Well hello everyone! It’s a new Baby Steps chapter! I had to clean it myself because our cleaner is currently MIA or probably just dead somewhere by having broke a nail or something, you know, he’s a poor lad, God didn’t make him strong. Anyway new chapter, not much to say.

On another note, the redrawers who usually work with Stark, could you please contact me either on the forum or on IRC, so in case Stark doesn’t come back, we know how to reach you. (Rain, MrHome, [EOS]). Anyway.

Enjoy this new chapter!

23 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch192”

  1. post a pre versior before cleaning, so the ones who dont care about clean chaps can read, if possible. thx

  2. i dont think cleaning is really necessary…. and it can always be cleaned later, first upload the dirty version XD

  3. thanks for the chapter :)

    and I really can’t stand Okada mostly because his face looks like he is always annoyed or as if he is looking down on his opponents.

  4. Maybe the wanted poster can be reused, lol.

    Thanks so much for a new chapter!! And the start of the long awaited All Japan Junior… Go go Ei-chan!!

  5. … so obvious I’m not the only one that was eagerly waiting for this chapter. ;D

    … Speaking of being “the only one”, am I the only one that doesn’t really like Okada?

    Thanks a bunch for the (extra) work you all put into this! XD

  6. Thanks for your hardwork! Damn, things are heating up! But- may I ask you why are the raw so far in the story from where the translations are now?

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