Metal Heart Ch38

Metal Heart Ch038

Metal Heart lovers, you have Kirito to thank for breathing new life into this project. Man, it’s been so long, I even forgot I was supposed to read it left to right… We might not release it very fast, but at least it will be moving, which is progress. Enjoy

9 thoughts on “Metal Heart Ch38”

  1. Thanks I’ve just started reading this at the right time, I’ve also been reading another manga by the name of “Dollgun”but it stopped being translated in 2011. Are you guys going to start on that manga sometime in the future?

    1. That, I can’t really say. It was done before my time and in all likelihood it was dropped for good.

  2. Thank you for the chapter! and sorry for asking here but just wondering what happened to Player Kill (PK) that you were doing around the same time as this series, it’s not in the dropped or on hold section and I can’t see any announcements about it on the previous release page for it.

    1. Well, we plan to work on it eventually… It hasn’t been dropped, same limbo state as Metal Heart I guess

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