Shuukyuu Shoujo Ch031

Shuukyuu Shoujo Ch031

Business as usual today as I bring you another Football Girl chapter. I know some of you guys are either to hear from us about some of the stuff that’s been happening recently, but be patient as we straighten things out. Back to football girl, what do you guys enjoy more – the story or the games? cmertb and I are personally eager for some less sports and more ecchi haha.

Daiya no A Ch132


Many bad news all around. First of all, we are officially dropping Fantasista. We have no staff whatsoever to work on it and that has been the case for a while, so no point in keeping it dead here. If any team wants to pick it up, they have our blessing.

Second, Diamond no Ace has become quite a burden on us, because we asked many times for people to help us, but it never resulted in anything. Yes, we had a nice drive of many chapters in the last two days and to be honest, chapter 132 was supposed to be the last one before we dropped the series. However, I have been convinced to think otherwise and give you guys a chance to keep it alive by applying. We will drop this series by the end of volume 16 (current volume) if we do not have an experience cleaner joining us to work on this series. We are not joking with this. Also a typesetter would be more than welcome.

In any case, like I said, many bad news, but I still hope you enjoy this new chapter!