Fantasista Ch133

Well… that’s a bit… embarrassing. I thought I had released that like 2-3 weeks ago, but I forgot lol… Oh well, here it is! A new Fantasista chapter for you folks, we have a couple of chapters left and may or may not have a translator for future chapters, we’ll see in the near future!

Enjoy this new chapter!

9 thoughts on “Fantasista Ch133”

  1. I don’t know what chapter it ended on in japan but volume 6 ended on chapter 45 so if it 8 chapters for a volume then probably ended on chapter 53 or so. Volume 7 isn’t released until next Month(October).

    1. We release el-palacio monthly and don’t plan to increase the pace. It is a monthly manga so there’s not much point in going much faster. Even if we did, say, two releases a month, we would catch up in half a year, at which point we’d have no choice but to slow down. Additionally, it takes a while for us to get the new volumes, so if we catch up and it takes us, say, 6 months to get the new vol, that would be a 6 month wait every time we reach the end of a volume.

    2. It’s best to catch up to a manga rather than to wait a single month to read one chapter when the series is actually far ahead of that.

    3. Perhaps so. We can try to speed it up a bit, I guess, but at any rate I wouldn’t say it’s been terribly slow. At the end of the day, the hold backs have mostly been my fault, not the translator’s, but if we get our act together maybe we could catch up by this summer. No promises, though.

  2. Thank you!!! I thought that 132 would be the last chapter for an indefinite period. Sometimes It’s good to be wrong hehehe.

    I hope you find a translator for Fantasista and AnD! :)

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