16 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch127”

  1. Thanks for not dropping this for so long, I was gonna joke about waiting another month for the next chapter but I guess that hits too close to home.

    Like the other guy said, hopefully the anime will get popular and that will get you guys a new translator; or maybe another group who can do more consistent releases will pick this up and take it off of you guys’ already full plate.

    Thanks so far guys!

  2. There is a cliff hanger ending to the chapter, and now a cliff hanger on the translator… Thanks Prozess for progressing the story a little bit. Hope you can find a new translator soon.

  3. anime for this is starting this week so maybe its new popularity will lead to someone wanting to translate, for now thank you for picking up this series to begin with :D

    1. How about we focus on uchuu instead? I’m fine with it. Let’s drop everything else in the mean time…

    2. Well, while I do feel for the readers of this series, still I can’t help but find joy in the fact that one silver lining of this cloud might turn out to be sharper focus on Uchuu.
      Uchuu, Baby Steps (and ,to a lesser degree, Fantasista, which unfortunately is also facing trouble with translators) truly do represent the best that the manga format of storytelling has to offer.
      Well, in any case, thanks to the team for their work on all these excellent manga.

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