22 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch190”

  1. The sudden change of pace (:P) in this chapter was really surprising – in a good way.

    As always: Thanks for the release!:)

  2. Thank you!

    Please release at least the next chapter faster (even faster I mean xD), ‘cuz that cliffhanger was annoying!

  3. That was awesome. Didn’t expect him to take a game. I wish the author had gone more in depth on this match. Oh well.

  4. Oh, you are cruel beasts! Demons in the guise of humans! Drug pushers the lot of ya! You give us a hit that is oh, so good and then you cut us off.

    Love the chapter, hate that we have to wait for more, love that you’re still doing this!

  5. Nacchan only gets a few panels and ONE speech bubble!?
    ???????? ???

    … Well, at least she finally shows up again.

    Thanks a bunch for the chapter! XD

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