Uchuu Kyoudai Ch146

Uchuu Kyoudai Ch146

Some more Uchuu for you guys. I know a lot of you called jailbait, but I personally think it’s a very sweet romance developing between the two. There’s a difficult path ahead for Hibito, and meeting Olga is maybe the best thing that has happened to him in this whole arc.

At this point, I have no idea where we stand with respect to the anime. I may have mentioned this before, but I am not watching the anime… some of the staff is, but I never got around to it. Why bother, after all, when the manga is plenty interesting by itself. Enough of my rant, download and enjoy.

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  1. My initial thought was also “jailbait”… until I remembered that it’s perfectly legal for a 16 year-old girl to get married in Japan. So if people can shift the thought to an adult man becoming attracted to an 17 year-old girl it would be more analogous for western sensibilities… probably. Maybe?
    Bah… I agree that it’s sweet. ;)

  2. Episode 72 which aired today adapted ch 133&134. So it’s not that behind of the scanlation.
    I read the manga after watching the corresponding episode first. But only read ahead if there was irresistale cliffhanger, as in the end of ch.134

  3. You see, i like releases with this kind of pace, not too fast not too slow :D too fast gives us wanting more and too slow makes us forget about it. Thanks guys!.

  4. I don’t watch anime anymore, and I think a live series would be better for this.
    Thanks a lot.

  5. I used to watch the anime until I got tired of the slow pacing. After I finished reading all the available chapters, I went back to watch some episodes and was surprised at the filler scenes they added in. Otherwise, it’s a pretty faithful adaption. A lot of the shots match panels from the manga too.

    1. The anime has been very consistant in adapting 2 chapters per episode, which is the average among other animes. So I wouldn’t call it slow pace, as how you figuered by reading the manga that it’s the same.

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