21 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch188”

  1. Thank you once again. Read it earlier but apparently didn’t post. Regardless it served as a nice break from Calculus. Especially since multivariable calculus makes my brain hurt.

  2. Thanks! Let’s see how much data Ei-chan can get. And if he realizes Nabae-kuns true intentions…

  3. Thanks guys, good stuff, time for Maruo to face zero shiki drop shot and the tenimuho door of perfect gloryness

  4. thanks for the new chap guys, its better than the last 1 lol i normally I like all this about baby steps but for some reason that 1 guy just dose my head in. I cant wait to see e-chan training & playing again & who knows mayb another date lol thanks again guys :)

  5. PoT should be is banned from ever being mentioned in a baby steps post! all in favor say aye!!

    also thanks for the chap you guys are still awesome

    1. Aye.
      Although can wait till after Maruo breaks the Tezuka zone?
      Also, if we take that allegory further, won’t Maruo be Inui?

    2. Aye.
      tried to read PoT once but couldnt get pass the boomerang shot thing. is a boomerang shot even legal in real tennis!!?

  6. No! No PoT!!!! ?( ???)?

    Thanks a bunch for the new chapter!

    More Inter-High… more exposition… but some fun character interaction and it was nice to see Ide-kun again.

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