Welcome to the El-Palacio Ch033

!ElPalacioSo why not go with something awesome to follow up with some awesome Last Inning! Yes, it’s El-Palacio for you people yearning to see ti- funny moments!

Also, we are still in need of a TRANSLATOR for Fantasista and we could use the luxury of a redrawer for it too!

Enjoy this new chapter!

14 thoughts on “Welcome to the El-Palacio Ch033”

  1. In my rush to get one of the other releases, I totally missed this… (????)

    Thanks so much! Looking forward to Icchan’s school festival now. ;D

    1. Yeah, until Ouka kicks it in to drag him away somewhere. Wonder if this means the “Death Carpenter” wants to do some work with Tadasuke’s wood.

    2. It’s even a bit larger and has a window now :3 Carpenter is much nicer than she looks – Wouldn’t be bad having a cuter tsundere in the harem~

    3. Bigger? I thought she just put in a window and added the door to his doghouse…

      I will agree that she’s a lot kinder and more considerate than she tries to act in the ring. And love the reaction panel to her “paint the ring with your blood” comment. (???)

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