Baby Steps Ch187

Well late monday, a chapter of Baby Steps! Uni starting tomorrow, so fun times are over (kinda)! Honestly though, I couldn’t care less about this character development right now, but that’s my opinion, since he’s probably gonna be a passing character and if he’s not, he’s not as interesting as other characters so far lol.

Enjoy this new character!

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  1. Thanks =)

    Kanda seems to be a right-handed Nadal with that topspin. And his teamates can give him a strong spirit too. Interesting guy ^^

  2. I was almost irrationally happy to see another chapter out. Thanks!!! XD

    … but like a lot of others, I’ll be happy to get back to more Natsu and Ei-chan. ;)

  3. But who cares!?!?!?!? Stop procrastinating and go for the alla Japan! Come on Kachiki sensei, we are all waiting for Ei-chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks so much for a new chapter of Baby Steps! If Kanda has his teammates, Ei-chan has his unshakeable goal and Natsu’s cheering! Go Ei-chan!

  5. Well, wondering if he is really just going to be a minor character. After all he was first introduced in chapter 53. And at that time-in the end page- he was depicted along with Ike Souji and Nabae.
    That’s too much of a Chekov’s gun..
    Also, I like how the author is credibly building up another character who could have better nerves than Ide and Maruo. Rather than coming up with another genius-type, she is showing a person who has been conditioned into a mindset.
    Thanks for the chapter, and hope you have fun with the new semester.

  6. “hes probably gonna be a passing character”

    Well… Ok, not going to spoil.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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