21 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch174”

  1. Just wanted to say thanks again for Baby Steps! I hope we will see more of Ike Souji, he’s a little like a male version of Natsu, they are all very awesome characters!

  2. I’ve gotta say, I’m not usually into Tennis at all; but somehow this manga makes it exciting every single time. I love how the artist takes the time to explain the theory, as well as back stories so we can understand where the players come from or why they are as dedicated as they are. Nabae’s was surprising though. He always seemed so composed, so seeing him throw a tantrum was rather :O

    All in all, one of my favorites, next to Uchuu Kyodai. Thank you guys so much for your dedication is delivering both consistently and in such high quality.

  3. Okay, which one of your babies am I going to carry? I mean, I’m a guy but science has made giant strides in that department. Just look at the movie “Junior.”

    So I’m ready if it means more excellent Baby Step releases from you guys.

  4. more baby steps thanks guys love it :) i think im gonna sit on my hands & wait for this fight to end(or atlease try lol) b4 i read anymore, just so i can read it all in 1 go haha thanks again :)

  5. I don’t mind a little backstory with Nabae, since he’s one of the more interesting players. Ide’s on the other hand… coulda done without. Thanks for the chapters :>

  6. thanks for the chapter!

    Nabae story is ok but I still prefer the match! But it will probably be a 3 set match :( Well I hope more chapter will come in the nexts days so we know the rest!

  7. Thanks!

    Another great point of this manga is that the inner thoughts of the characters are their own and unique interpretation of the events. You don’t have the characters magically mind reading each other and coming up with the same thoughts. :D

    It was an interesting to learn about Nabae! But his method for calming down is :X .

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