Baby Steps Ch167

Hello everyone! I was supposed to release this earlier today, but I got busy wiring my house with Ethernet Cable all around the place through walls and ceilings and stuff, quite the nasty business if you ask me, mostly drilling holes in the walls and stuff.

Anyway, new chapter of Baby Steps in which the match of the century finally begins!

Enjoy this new chapter!

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  1. thanks for the rapid fire release cant wait to see what happens in this match and with Wimbledon in progress makes it that much more interesting. go Ei-chan, go Andy Murray ^_^

  2. And the match begins!! So excited to see how Ei-chan’s going to perform, go go Ei-chan! And thanks so much for another chapter of Baby Steps! You guys are the best!

  3. I have raws till vol 25 (chapter 240) and I could send over cleaned ones. I’ll send a sample if anyone’s interested or you could get in touch with me with instructions about which ones need to be cleaned next. Please reply.

  4. I can’t recall, what were Eiichiro’s requirements to enter the All-Japan Junior tournament? Or has he already qualified? I remember there was a chapter that detailed everything he needed to do (which tournaments he had to win, or get a certain place in), but I can’t remember how far back. I do recall that he needs to win the nationals, i.e. All-Japan Juniors to become a pro, but I’m not sure if that’s only the promise he made with his parents, or that’s actually a requirement for becoming professional.

    1. He’s already qualified for the AJJ, so it really doesn’t matter if he loses now. Still, winning it all should get hm a nice seeded spot. As well as being awesome.

      As for going pro, winning the AJJ was just between him and his parents. While you need to win matches and gain points to go pro (I’ll admit, my knowledge here is shaky at best) I don’t think he has to win the AJJ specifically to do it. It just helps really, really much from every point of view.

  5. Thanks for the release! I wonder how many chapters it will take to get to the conclusion? 10? 20?. Shame there are no ties in tennis….

  6. Whenever I read a chapter of Baby Steps, I just immediately want another. /sigh



  7. Double Squeee! Sicne I missed the squee for the last chapter, you get twice the joy from me this time. What a nice way to go to sleep.

    Also, I can’t wait for his mother to come and watch a match, seeing him kick all kinds of ass.

  8. Tnx for the chapter. Had to reRead the last fight in anticipation, took forever to remember how far ago it was :D

  9. What a way to start the match! I’m rereading the last few pages again and again AND I TOTALLY NEED MOOOORE.
    Thanks for the chapter! ^_^

  10. thanks for the new chap fuuny thing about the Ethernet Cable, i was doing the same today haha only just running 1 up from downstairs but still what a pain haha thanks again for the new chap :)

  11. Wifi is shit in some houses like mine^^

    The building is so old, that wireless doesn’t work right and nearly no signal goes outside the building.

    It’s like fort nox :D

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter at this hour!

  12. Ethernet Cable? No wi-fi? Loss of speed?

    Anyway, thank you very much for the chapter!!! :D

    1. Stupid PS3 taking 2-3 days to dl a game while I could dl it in 10 minutes on my pc lol plus my house is too big, the signal isn’t good everywhere

    2. Old school hardwire is a pain to install but it gives consistent data transfer and MUCH better security.

      Oh and thank you to the team for the newest chapter.

    3. You’ve got some serious first world problems at your hands man…

      Aaanyway really thanks for the chapter! It will be the match of the century (chapters) indeed. Previously I thought that Ei-chan will lose but with this intro I wonder what’s going to happen…

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