Daiya no A Ch119

Hello everyone, so we have been at a pretty hectic pace recently and we would really like to keep that pace, but for that, we’ll need help, mostly I’ll need help. As you can see, we are in need yet again of a redrawer, experienced would be the best since there are some pretty hard redraws in DnA to help me cleaning this manga. So please apply if possible so we can keep going, otherwise we’ll have to slow them to something more manageable with only me.

Apply here

Anyway, new chapter, lots of fun! Enjoy this new chapter!

6 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch119”

  1. Thanks a lot for the release!! I really hope you find someone suitable for the job!

  2. kinda busy with my freelance works lately. if not, i’d be a pleasure to help cleaning this manga. -_- btw, thanx for the new chapter.

  3. What a game! What a Ride! Thanks for the chapter! I hope you guys find someone, sorry I can’t be of any help in that department.

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