Baby Steps Ch163


If you are wondering why it took so long between the chapters, please all blame CraN and make sure he knows it. Behead him if needed or something! Anyway, here’s a new chapter of Baby Steps for you full of new things!

Enjoy this new chapter!

37 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch163”

  1. Awesome! A new Baby Steps chapter! It’s going a lot smoother for Maruo than I thought. ^-^

    CraN, work mooooore pls. :O

  2. well i wud love a more regular release of baby steps, i really wud but im just happy ur still doing it. this & Welcome to the El-Palacio r the only ones i read here lol(cuz they’re my favs lol) but any ways thanks again for the new chap guys cant wait for more

  3. I loved it! As any chapter of BS.
    But the author is really taking too long for every match. After a while it becomes annoying… Grrr get to the point and move on with the story!!!!

  4. Thanks guys, you made my day, awesome chapter!
    but why they are so damn short, always ends in the most interesting place :((

  5. Thanks a bunch for the new chapter! Hey, however long it takes, it take. I’m just glad it’s being done :) Really interested to see if E-chan will win this, at first I thought that there was no way story wise he could, but now…. Looking forward to the chapters to come.

  6. I’d say off with his lower head! That is the cause of the delay anyway. CUT IT georgi!

  7. let’s not behead him lol… if we do so we might not get anymore release until they find anther typesetter… let him be so we still could get some release… thanks alot guy really made my day today!

    1. i didn’t think of that *slowly lowers her ax* aww well, ill let him live…………for now

  8. But Beheading the typesetter would mean even more delays…so we’ll leave him be.

    E-Chan destroy him, he’s even pissed of the Umpire…who i’m sure is the same umpire that oversees all of E-chans matches it seems, someone should tell Nat-chan that her boyfriend has a stalker…well another stalker if you include megame-chan.

    1. Wow, man… the internal conflicts. Well if you can find someone who does his work faster I don’t… I mean I say no to violence!

  9. How can we behead him when his output’s this fucking good? :P

    I’m not gonna pretend I don’t want faster releases, but seriously, this is professional-level typesetting.

  10. I won’t want to behead someone who’s been working for these releases. D:

    Thanks for the hard work, though! Good to see E-chan back in form!

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