16 thoughts on “Welcome to the El-Palacio Ch030”

  1. It’s nice to get a new chapter after going quite a while without one, I appreciate, imanga.
    I’d agree it’s a downbeat chapter, but it makes me curious for what happens next.
    Also, I appreciated getting to see Itsuka’s profile.

  2. I gotta hand it to you guys, i read this manga even if i really don’t read this panty-shots and boobs mangas normally. But in this one its just used for the gags, so i can live with it. And i really really loughed hard! Awesome manga, thanks for giving me the chance to read this (by doing so many other awesome mangas, that i just trusted your taste and kept reading after the first boobs appeared).

  3. Too Short and sad but nice chapter. The page with the chapter“s names of the volume 5 is a bit spoilers..I’m already looking forward for next releases and Thx for the new chapter.

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