10 thoughts on “Uchuu Kyoudai Ch121”

  1. I never picked up Uchuu Kyoudai before because its not in the genre’s I usually am interested in, but I started reading it 2 days ago and its awsome! I got to this chapter and when I realised I’d reached the end of the current scanlations, I couldnt help crying “Noooooooooooooo!”… Thanks for the great work you guys do! For most of my various manga interests, I read them all on a single site, but I always come straight here for Baby Steps, Shuukyou Shoujo, and Welcome to El-Palacio. Im happy to add Uchuu Kyoudai to my list of reasons to come here! You guys are awsome

  2. I know Uchu Kyodai is badass, but where are the baseball mangas (Dianmond no Ace and Last Inning)? Thanks!

    1. Stop asking, it will out as we can, we don’t take our 24/7 times on scanlation :/

  3. yay ~ i am first
    thanks for the hard work
    looking forward to the next chapter :3

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