13 thoughts on “Uchuu Kyoudai Ch120”

  1. You guys are speeding through! Thanks for getting us through the agony of Sharon so quickly. Judging by the covers, I’m excited for vol 15 and terrified of vol 16.

    Also, I really like lemon pound cake.

  2. Wow, when dis you get to the 120th chapter? I got the feeling we were celebrating the hundredth last week :) Thanks!

  3. Great work, kudos!

    Also i have a question, what is the status with the releases of “Bamora!”?

    1. It’s pending, I suppose. Translator was a bit sick, but he should be getting us a script soon, at which point we’ll kick off work on the chapter. It is one of my favourites so relax, we won’t drop it :P

  4. wow, you sure are spoiling us! Thank you!

    (my fav cake is lemon poppy seed)

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