7 thoughts on “Uchuu Kyoudai Ch117”

  1. waaaa, everytime I see a lightsabre I’m gonna think of this.

    thanks, as usual, for bringing us these chapters!

  2. So, this is obviously the manga-ka’s fault, not you guys (because the picture in the manga matches what you guys wrote), but… the expression the manga-ka probably meant to use was “trying to drink water from a fire hose.”

    In the first place, water isn’t the main chemical in a solid majority of US fire extinguishers; trying to drink water from a non-water fire extinguisher would poison you or suffocate you (note: different from drowning), depending on the variety of extinguisher.

    But furthermore, the expression of trying to drink water from a fire hose is common in certain parts of the US, like MIT, where we even talk about classes in terms of how “hosing” they are, for the exact reason of this expression.

    Citation: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=drinking%20from%20a%20firehose

    This is the first time I’ve been disappointed in the manga-ka’s ability to reference US culture.

    1. Yes, actually there was a discussion about it in staff channel, back when I was translating it, and everyone said it’s drinking from a fire hose, but as you pointed out, the mangaka drew a fire extinguisher, and referred to the fire extinguisher man too, so we sticked to this version.

      Well, everyone can make a mistake, so we can forgive this one to the mangaka ^^

    2. I’d say he wanted to make the link to the fire extinguisher man incident… was a joke, mostly

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