Baby Steps Ch162


So, we welcome into our home a new proofreader, Reika, who will now work on Baby Steps. A warm welcome to Reika! I also lied about going back to watching series, since I ended up doing baby steps, but now, for real, I’m going there. I’m currently watching Royal Pains if any of you is interested in what I’m watching, which I doubt lol.

Enjoy this new chapter!

29 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch162”

  1. =_= I wish I had noticed that this series needed a proofreader. Blah. Can’t stand waiting to see this match :(

  2. Love, absolutely love, this manga xD. Oh, and Royal Pains as well. Have all the seasons on my computer :D

  3. Welcome new Reika. I hope you enjoy your time here and I say thank you for helping out.

  4. YAY! Thanks so much for a new chapter of Baby Steps!!

    This chapter reminds me of a wise saying I came across:
    “If a situation can be fixed, why get upset about it?
    If a situation cannot be fixed, what’s the use of getting upset?”

    Welcome Reika, and just wanted to say that I really appreciate all the hard work put into Baby Steps by all the existing staff too! Thanks Imangascans!

  5. oh wow a new chap, than u guys & also welcome to Reika. cant wait to see more new baby steps ive missed this :)

  6. Awesome!
    And Maruo had a slight misstep, but it seems he’s already recovered!
    Can’t wait for more. :3

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