Uchuu Kyoudai Ch113

I’m sure we spoil you, but here’s another Uchuu! Do you have any favorite japanese words? Mine is ?? (kotoba – meaning “word”). because it kinda has the meaning of “the leaves of speaking” which I find very legit, and very beautiful. Anyone else?

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  1. I like the kanji of suki “like” because is a woman with her child. Anyway thanks for the relaeses, I have the volumes in italian, but i still prefer to read your translation!

    1. Yeah, I Like that kanji too! :) This symbolism is one of the beauties of Japanese language.

    2. Hm, I did not know that. The kanji I’ve seen looked different, but ma…. I mean, I’ve never read anything with rape or anything, but if I had… damn it

  2. We are being spoiled. Thanks for the release. Though this chapter left me slightly anxious about Hibito’s safe return.

  3. In which context do you use kotoba? I’m intrigued ^^
    Thanks for the chapter! (and I like wierd words like coccinelle and escargot)

    1. Sorry, I wasn’t clear. Kotoba means “word”, and the two kanji we use to write it is “speaking” and “leaf”. So basically a word for Japanese is a leaf of speaking.

      Now I made it clearer in the post too :)

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