Daiya no A Ch109

So it is me again, though it is the last time this week, because I’m taking a break this weekend (You know, LAN party and all :P) I won’t say anything about the chapter, read it and comment!

Enjoy this new chapter!

8 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch109”

  1. Argghhh! I hope that there will be a round 3 for Raichi vs Sawamura… and next time Miyuki should let Sawamura pitch his own pitch.

  2. Hello! Just joined in. Loving the manga so far, I can’t wait for next update. Thanks for the hard work, seriously! You guys are awesome!

  3. it felt kinda obvious with all the hype.. however i thought he would be okay after that considering how much he probably gave up with his old team… thanks for the chapter either way!

  4. Thanks for the release. Poor Sawamura, still he is young and he has to learn to use disappointment to make himself stronger.

  5. Thanks for the Chapter .. Aw I feel so bad for sawamura..he really was at his pick .. Raichi is a Monster !!! .. Enjoy your break !

  6. Thanks for the chapter! What an ending- poor Sawamura, I hope he can pick himself back up! =)

    Thank you again for all the recent releases and hope you all have a wonderful weekend! =D

  7. so sudden …. soooo sad…. does that mean the game is ending soon since the two main characters got to pitch ?

    thank you for the fast releases holy bananas … have fun at the LAN party :D

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