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  1. I got a question, is it christmas or something? there’s a chapter every two days!!

  2. This series is just awesome. I came here for baby steps, but UK is really marvelous…now i’m with both (:

    1. Hey Edo,
      Same was the case for me. Baby Steps pulled me to imanga, and here I discovered Uchuu Kyoudai. Now, both are my favorites.
      I think they both speak to those who are trying to achieve something difficult and exciting. They are both sensitive and mature works that treats the characters like real people. Neither contains any villains ( Mutta summed it up well in prev. chapter that he is the only enemy he has. Georgi called this existentialism).
      One advantage that Uchuu Kyoudai does enjoy over Baby Steps, is that the comments thread on its chapters are usually more fun. Maybe because it’s less mainstream (so far).
      Anyway, cheers to the mods for such excellent taste in picking up the manga!

      P.S: Also, I think that those who like these two manga, might also like Fantasista. It’s not as good as Baby Steps perhaps, but it’s fairly good and after the all-star training camp it becomes a very interesting piece on teamwork and leadership. Much more useful on those topics, then most of the management genre books that deal with them.

    2. cool I have something to check out if I get bored.
      SK.- I like your description of the works! I was thinking Pico “off” is just like a procrastinator (myself at least). The feeling of dispassion, creative impasse, wondering how to turn back on? I like that the manga presents several possible answers to Pico’s switch in the recent chapters (like this one..!) and more on Mutta’s switches throughout the manga. That’s something I’d love to see discussion on.. things that turn the switch back on.

    3. Hey Joyce,
      With a name like that, I wonder if you are a literature student or if you are writing something.
      Btw, about the ‘on’ switch, I wonder if you have read anything in sports psychology? I got interested in the field after reading Baby Steps, and came across a research paper which was done through interviews of Olympic athletes from the 80s. ( http://precisionmi.com/Materials/PeakPerformMat/mentallinkstoexcellence.pdf ) Skip the first three pages or so and jump directly to the interview part. Good stuff there, though there will be some common and repeated practices. (Also Mike and Aoi talk a lot about these things in Baby Steps. The writer there has done good research)
      So for me, I try to keep a fixed and regular schedule. Also instrumental music in background helps a lot. Maybe because of the rhythm, or maybe because it acts as some Pavlovian trigger. Don’t know.
      What do you do for your ‘on’ switch?

    4. Well, when you bring sports into the mix, I have to say that mentality plays a much bigger role than what people imagine, thus the importance of that ‘on’ switch. It’s not exactly what you do that counts, it’s what it means to you, how it motivates you, and whether it’s a particular routine or even superstition that gives you confidence. If you’re an athlete, the moment you think of giving up is the moment you lose against a more determined opponent.

      Anyway, as for an on switch… hm, hard to say. Personally I’ve never had a thing like that. When I do something that matters to me, I get so absorbed that I forget to eat… and time just seems to fly by really quickly. When you’re in the zone, as an athlete, like when I played soccer, I think the feeling is kind of the opposite… time seems to flow slower, and you just seem able to see things coming before your opponent, like intercepting passes or beating the keeper.

    5. Hey Georgi, that’s an excellent mentality. You are reminding me of Maruo.
      I do think sports psych. is also applicable in general life. One of the books on my reading list right now is ‘inner game of tennis’, which is mentioned in a footnote somewhere in Baby steps. The writer has gone on to show the implication of mentality in various fields. Hopefully it will be interesting.

      @Joyce: Hey, the previous anonymous comment was from me. I was later thinking about the specific ‘on’ cues for Pico. So far it seems to be ‘ competition’ (Mutta initiated it by giving the interesting suggestion of sponge tires.) and then ‘regret’/’compensating’/’loss’. Maybe humans find anything interesting as long as they can beat somebody else at it. … I was trying to say it as a joke, but seems to be strangely true.

    6. Quick reply… Got excited about your replies, thanks, heartily agree on mentality, plus sports psych’s (new to me but, awesome!) applicability to life…

      I think Georgi and the Olympians are passionate about what they’re doing! And I think it’s key to success because it fuels the baby steps and extra mile toward wherever you’re headed.

      Dear SK. only thing I’m writing is a paper for school (turn “off”). That and everything, my switch is usually rationality or reality. (embarrassingly irrational)…
      I love your suggestion of music and a normal schedule too.
      With Pico’s ons, too I interpreted curiosity (a type of passion) and death (“life’s too short” kind of thing).

      Checked out Baby Steps! So much practical information in a manga makes me feel warm & fuzzy.

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