Uchuu Kyoudai ch108

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This chapter is just a flashback, and it’s not even over in this chapter. I know a lot of you hate flashbacks (especially because a certain manga has hell a lot of these /Bonus question: which manga you think I am referring to?/, but I, for one, don’t really hate flashbacks in this manga. Tell me your opinion about flashbacks in general, and flashbacks in this manga, and about this particular flashback. Yes, that’s todays’s order for you! :)

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  1. You’re obviously referring to Naruto. Though i think Naruto flashbacks are awesome! People just bitch about them because they don’t like waiting.

  2. Thanks for the new chapter. I i like flashbacks when they are good and not to long. In this manga they allways use it to make us see the people who are kind of mean to Mutta in a new light. So you can like guys like Nitta and Vince (nothing wrong with pico though)

    About wich one you are referring to: Maybe one of the big 3?

  3. This chapter again drives home the idea of existentialism. Essentially, no matter where you were born or who your parents were, if you set your will to it, anything is possible. Damn straight.

  4. thanks for the new chapter! To paraphrase a saying, flashbacks are a good tool, but a poor master. When used properly, a flashback adds to the story, and makes the reader want to know more. A good flashback answers some questions (even if you didn’t ask them), and a good flashback also prompts additional questions. Poorly used, however, flashbacks just add bulk or padding. I like the flashbacks in this manga. So far they’ve always explained and added more background info. Not read this one yet, but I expect it’ll do the same. Yeah, it is sometimes annoying to get a flashback when you’re anxious to see what happened in the current situation. But at least with this manga, when you do get back to the current situation, you’re more aware of what is going on. thanks for bring this manga to us!
    *runs off to read*

    1. Okay, now I’ve read this chapter. It’s a wonderful flasback. Did anyone else think “October Sky” and of Homer Hickam when they first started reading this? And then later in the chapter, one of the boys mentioned Homer! Yep, if you set your will to it, as fridge said above, anything is possible. Those boys have a hard road ahead of them.

  5. Flashbacks are the ultimate and omnipotent weapon of the manga. With flashbacks it’s possible to revert the laws of causality and negate even the rinnegan!

    Thanks for the chapter!

  6. Amazing!
    Hope you keep up this speed!
    Sorry anime, you are too slow compared to this awesome team! :)

    1. I hate flashbacks, although they contribute to the character development and fleshing them out, they feel incredibly slow, even by anime standard[(2ch per ep) which is where I came from]

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