Uchuu Kyoudai ch107

!uchuu100So here’s ch 107! LOOK ONE POST BELOW FOR 106 which I released just now too. Have you ever failed when you were serious? :)

Lately I stopped watching the anime of this series, because I don’t have much time, and it’s kinda boring to me to see the story a 6th time again, so question for you: Is it still good? Still follows the manga?

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  1. I prefer the pacing & imagination of the manga. The episodes progress similarly, but the anime cuts back to scenes that were already in previous manga chapters. Some things in the anime are kind of creepy (like Mutta with girls).

  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    Not watching the anime, i’m a bit burned out with anime adapted from manga…it is good, but i don’t always feel like seeing just an animated version of manga that I have read for a while, need something new.

  3. I still love the manga!!!! And it’s still even better then the anime ^^

  4. anime went into fillers for a long time …. stopped watching it … the manga is much better.

  5. Loved this chapter!
    a) Page 3/23 was beautifully drawn.
    b) ‘What a gentleman-like speed violation’ : darn funny translation. Keeps the tone of Mutta intact.
    c) Mutta’s answer about the enemy was cool.
    d) The whole premise of the chapter ‘there is value in failing when you are serious’ goes to the core theme of the manga- about human effort to reach the previously unreachable.
    Adored this.

    1. I’ll add on to that that, as an existentialist, I found this chapter very pleasing. The whole I am my only enemy thing. This is georgi speaking btw, just too lazy to log in lol

    2. Hey Georgi, am in complete agreement. This is what a good science fiction should be like- philosophical, practical, and ,of course, fun.

  6. Thanks for the new chapter – and i don’t watch anime at all, so i can’t say :-)

  7. I follow whichever one is further ahead, for a while it was the anime then it was the manga then the anime again and right now the manga. You guys have been slightly ahead of the anime for a while now

  8. I still read it, i have not watched the anime and i’m soooo waiting for your releases. It’s a bit like: Wooohoooo! a uchuuuu kyoudai!!

  9. Thanks for the 2 releases in a row!! The anime it’s just amazing! And it ‘s been promoted in a new time slot, just before detective conan, so I think they really have good hope in this story!

  10. Thanks for the “double release”, as for the anime I’m sorry but I’m only at the beginning so I can’t tell much.

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