Baby Steps – Ch161


No, you are not dreaming. Yes, it is a new chapter of Baby Steps! Why? Well it was done soon after the last one. Is it a good sign? I don’t know, since I’m only a lowly qcer on this series. Anyway, nice chapter, feels infinitely short, but oh well.

On another note, I rofl’ed really hard today while watching Dead Alive, so if you want to watch a gore flick with no serious whatsoever in it, go for it!

Enjoy this new chapter!

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  1. Even more Baby Steps? Please keep up the pace if you can! And thanks for the chapter! It’s thankfully not one of those high tension chapters, but it’s still a tie breaker and I wonder how it’ll turn out!

  2. Thank you so much for the new chapter!! And what a way to end the latest chapter… can’t wait to see how Ei-chan counters back, go go Ei-chan! Thank you again to everyone at imangascans for this awesome manga and have a great week ahead!

  3. yes this is what im talking about hahaha love baby steps so a big thank you guys, this is without a doubt my fav series to read, even got my friends hooked haha thanks again guys, keep up the great work :)

  4. Thanks a bunch for the new chapter :o I wonder if E-chan will be ok or not. Looking forward to the next!

  5. Thanks for the chapter!
    I wonder if the game will end in a disqalification…

  6. Waking up on sunday and there is a new baby steps chapter – thanks, it’s awesome!

  7. Thanks so much for the new chapter. It’s awesome to have another one so quickly.

  8. thanks for the release! are you guys back to one chapter a week average?

  9. Awesome chapter, bot way too short :(

    Thx for the work, and cross finger for more chapter soon

  10. Thank you. I hope he dominates that guy, since he seems like a real prick.

  11. Two releases this close together reminds me of when you were spoiling us. Thank you very very much.

  12. Thanks for the release.

    I think Maruo should try to dodge it this time, I doubt his opponent can pull that sort of stunt and still have it land inside the court.

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