Diamond no Ace – Ch100-101

!DnaHello everyone, so to celebrate the release of the 100th chapter of Diamond no Ace (Not really our 100th, but it’s still the 100th chapter :P), I give you two chapters today! Shit is getting awesome in several way and I can’t wait to read more of it (of course, it’s my favorite series).

Enjoy these new chapters of Diamond no Ace!

Diamond no Ace Chapter 100-101

22 thoughts on “Diamond no Ace – Ch100-101”

  1. Just wondering, are you guys planning to catch up to the raws? How far are they up to?

  2. just watched the A’s and Angels go 19 innings and now a double chapter

    i don’t think this day can get much better and it just started

    1. Why did you decide Baby Steps is our best manga? lol But yeah, we haven’t forgotten about it. It will move when it moves.

    2. The translator is such a lazy asshole, honestly. And who cares about lolis… tsunderes is where it’s at

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