Kimi no Knife Chapter 64

!creditIt’s that time again. Yes, Knife time. Whose knife? Your knife. That’s right, I suck at writing release comments. But on the bright side, Kimi no Knife v10 goes on sale on May 17. In the mean time, enjoy this chapter. There will be one more left in the current volume, you should see it in a month or so.

12 thoughts on “Kimi no Knife Chapter 64”

  1. What do you mean?Are you saying that you did not understand what I want?
    Really insolence!

    All I want is the question of manga Shirokuro Kitan!
    Are you responsible for the translation?
    And where is the manga Shirokuro Kitan?
    Are you going to complete the translation?

    1. Hello, yuuki.

      As you can see, we haven’t released anything for that series since chapter 2, way back in June 2009. This is centuries in scanlation time – I had no idea we even ever worked on that series. None of the people on that credit page work with us anymore.

      So no, we are not responsible for the scanlation. No, I do not know where the manga Shirokuro Kitan is. No, we will not complete the translation.


  2. ” If its written, it must be true. ”


    I did not understand!

    Where manga? I have not found this site!
    Are you going to complete the translation?

    1. I recommend you ask a friend who speaks English to help you write an understandable question.

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