Baby Steps – Ch159



And finally, my last post of this wonderful day, Baby Steps! So yeah, a pretty productive day to a very… procrastinative (cause that’s clearly a word) weekend that will go on until tomorrow, cause hell yeah very long weekend.

Enjoy this new chapter!

33 thoughts on “Baby Steps – Ch159”

  1. Hi guys, thank you so much, I LOVE this manga and I’ll buy it for sure if they’ll publish in my country! =D
    Any of you know where I can download the first 3 chapters?

  2. Now that i think about it, is there any reason why one of your most popular projects is also one of the less released?

    If you don’t like it maybe a group that is more into sport manga could take it over..

    I love your quality and i’m thankful for your work, but it’s kind of shame that it gets one or two releases a moth tops.

    Obviously i don’t want you take this the wrong way, there seems to be a quick “If you don’t like it do it yourself” polity here. I just think that there must be several groups that would love to take this from you if you don’t like the manga….

    1. I wouldn’t call 100 releases in a year slow. It’s a busy time right now, but we’re releasing as fast as we can manage

  3. First april baby steps release, a nice joke. Next one for christmas!
    Thanks You !!

  4. Oh man, it’s been a while. :3

    I hope there’ll be more. And thanks for the chapter.^_^

  5. i was beginning to lose hope that you’d forgotten about Baby Steps… But THANKS!!!.. Made my day.. :D

  6. You made me one happy fellow this day, I even feared it was just an April fool joke!, but luckily i got a real chapter, thanks!

  7. Yes yes yes!! Thank you for putting this chapter out! Please keep putting out chapters for this manga. I love it so much :D

  8. Thanks for a new chapter! Reminds me of the John Wooden quote: Little things make big things happen.
    I wonder if Eichan ever plays Nabae again, how would the match go…

  9. wow babysteps thanks guys, love my babysteps. cant wait for more hahaha thanks again for the new chap, keep up the great work guys:)

    1. got it too, looked at other comments and remembered today is april 1st (april fools day)… Thanks for the update, no thanks for messing with my head when im excited for a new chapter :P

    2. Me too. Tried to read Uchu Kyodai when it was still 31 March local time and got the “notice”. Before fleeing to Batoto, I downloaded Bamora successfully wondering why it would still link through and why anyone would think that I would voluntarily click on a self reporting link. Next morning when I woke up and remembered the date … groan, palm, forehead …
      Despite this, getting five assorted releases including Baby Steps in the space of a day means I must forgive the cruelty.

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