Uchuu Kyoudai Ch99


A powerful chapter to conclude volume 10. I never had a brother, so I can’t really understand all Nitta is going through… but I’m sure anyone with siblings could relate to the sorts of conflicts that can arise. Sibling rivalry has also been a major driving force for Mutta and perhaps the main theme of this manga to begin with.

I’m also a bit depressed as a programmer, looking at this major oversight of ours. Ch99 going to Ch100… dear, oh dear.

Kimi no Knife ch 63


Here we go, it’s more depressing shit in Kimi no Knife. We still don’t know when volume 10 will be out. Maybe April, maybe May…

But I did realize that I have a few problems with manga in general. First of all, it’s black and white. What’s up with that? You know we read it on the computer anyway, so come on, just color it. Second, it’s right to left. Japan, even your web pages go from left to right, and again, you know we’ll just read it on the computer… So make it flow the right way already! But the biggest problem is that manga is full of boxy script that looks like moonrunes. Seriously? You know we’re gonna be reading it in English, so why not skip the extra step and just put the English text in from the start? Geez, even Koreans do it!† Come on Japan, get into the 21st century.