9 thoughts on “Uchuu Kyoudai Ch89”

    1. Dear mike. (Yes, I know it’s you again.)

      It’s quite rude to comment like that, being a leecher and all.

      You know, we don’t do this for money, we do this in our free time, so I don’t think you have any right to criticize us like that.

      Again, it’s pretty rude, to try and comment with another name, and not answering to my reply, at least with a “sorry, I wasn’t right”, or something like that.

      I think, you are the pathetic one :)

  1. ohhh, thanks for this! wow, this last chapter came out just after the latest episode of the anime what a surprise

    1. Dear mike.

      You started to come here just lately, am I right?

      Would you check out the release dates of the anime since the begining of January, and our release dates of the manga? You will be “surprised”.

  2. ohhh, thanks for this! wow, that last chapter was kinda intense, wasn’t it? I’m looking forward to what happens next!

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