Hana Michi Otome Ch04

Why, yes I am famished, I’m so happy you asked!

Here’s a chapter of Hana Michi Otome. Not sure when the next one will be coming, but hopefully it won’t be too long.

As for those of you who have been wondering if we dropped Baby Steps… yes, yes we did… just kidding. Of course we didn’t drop it, rest assured. It hasn’t even been a month yet…
Also, El-Palacio should be coming out soon. Very soon. Really really very soon. /me glares at Lestat

That’s it from me! Thanks for sticking with us!

8 thoughts on “Hana Michi Otome Ch04”

  1. almost made me cry there i when i read that u drop baby steps, good thing it a joke…
    thanks u for the hard work!

  2. “yes,yes we did..” I almost died
    anyway thanks for the chapter! going to try this series art looks cute

    you made me choke on my water and caused my skype call to become really awkward ><

    ps thank you for your hard work

  4. Omg! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH :’) … IVE been hoping for this and palacio for a while…. Thnkyou u guys are awesome for doing them

  5. So, It’s not like I’m even “impatient”, per se, just worried. If you had been on a weekly schedule with baby steps, a delay like this would feel normal, but you were churning out those chapters _daily_, then all of a sudden, baaaam! massive delays!

    I really hope you don’t take everyone’s concern as being impatient. The reason we’re all worried about the project is just because it’s so awesome and you guys do an equally awesome job on it :)

    1. We actually wanted to release those before Christmas to be honest. Back when we were all mostly free, no work and no school etc., so we were able to work at a faster pace than right now.

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