11 thoughts on “Bamora! Ch03”

    1. I am crossing my fingers and hoping they are saving them up for a series of releases on the next match. Of course it could be just real life interfering again. So relax. They will release chapters when they do …. and we will immediately want more of course ….. (palms up shrug) …. Unless we are directly involved in helping we can only wait and be grateful for what we receive.

  1. it would be nice if character design more cute..
    not expose ridiculous of girls faces..
    it’s suck & terrible design.. its make me no passion for reading it

  2. Not saying this as a complaint or anything like that, just a heads up.

    Page 2 is actually the last page of chapter 3 it looks like. :P

  3. Seems like a nice read, think I’ll add this to my list. Although after seeing her boobs in the first chapter, I feel like it’s down here from here unless there’s some yuri action. XD

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