Kuroko no Basket – Ch163-168, The End for us (on this manga).

akashiscans-creditsWell people, everything comes to an end. We are closing the loop of missing chapters and since we aren’t really working on the mags, so we are handing the flag completely to akashi-scans. It has been a really nice run, we had fun, we caught up to the weeklies for you guys, but yeah. I’m sure Akashi will manage to give you quality releases.

With this we have one less manga to work on, so we can concentrate on others. Personally, I’d really like to focus on Diamond no Ace, but we are lacking cleaners/redrawers for it. We’ve had applications lately, but they have gone with the wind. Anyway, we’ll see in due time on what we shift our focus!

Enjoy these new chapters of Kuroko no Basket and the last we’ll do!

Kuroko no Basket Chapter 163-168